Birth Doula

I am a labor Doula, I am so very passionate about ensuring each woman has a labor that is right for them, and is prepared to navigate through the ebb and flow of labor. I place great emphasis on the education and the body prep work before labor begins and usually like to meet at the very least twice before the labor.

My support package looks like this;

  • Initial introduction meeting where we meet and chat to ensure we a suited, and I feel I can support your needs. This is generally a short meeting and I encourage you to meet and connect with many Doula’s to have a feeling for who is meant for you.
  • Pre-Birth meeting 1-  We discuss health history, what you and your family are looking for from a Doula.
  • Pre-Birth meeting 2/3- Education, we discuss pain relief options, pre-natal health and wellness. At this time I will discuss what first signs of labor are, what the labor path can look like and when to call. We also discuss fears, birth plans and work on positive affirmations to calm and prepare. I offer some movement options to promote optimal fetal positioning.
  • Birth- I am with you through the labor and birth. I am a consistent source of support at this time.
  • Optional add-ons include; Private Prenatal yoga classes, Birth Photography

I have been a privileged part of over 25 births. I have volunteered in different programs who work with mom’s to be that have no support and really need it. Being a Doula is truly a passion from my heart.


  • 50% reduction in the caesarean rate
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 30% reduction in forceps use
  • Improvement in breastfeeding
  • Reduction of post-partum depression rate


My Fee’s are based on my experience and what I offer. My base fee is $1200. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due at our first pre-birth meeting. The second instalment of $500 to be paid at our second meeting. Finally the $200 due a week before the due date.

My fees and payments can be negotiated on a sliding scale in order to support your family needs on an individual basis.

If you are looking for support (for mom’s or partner’s really) please contact me as I take clients on an individual basis.

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