Yoga – as an action — as in bringing something together, joining or yoking — and a state of being — being in oneness

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Private Yoga classes available on demand, starting at $80 per session


Yanumoja Yoga is the channeling and focusing of energy toward union to culminate in a state of wholeness or oneness.

Founded by Nikki Manzie (Three Winds Academy), Yanumoja Yoga is based on Hatha traditions. It has two roots; Yan (to retain) derived from the word ‘yantra’ meaning “device that allows focusing of energies’. Umoja in Kiswahili means ‘unity’.

Yanumoja works with the Tantric philosophy in that we recognize that “What is here is elsewhere; what is not here is no where.” What we find and experience within ourselves is also found in the world around us.

It holds the intent to harmonize with our true nature while fully engaging with life

In the practice of Yanumoja Yoga, we utilize the exploration of themes. The themes are threaded through yoga using breath, movement, visualization, sensory focus, stillness, and meditation.

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Summer Camp

Cultivate mental well being and empower our Youth. Using Yoga as a foundation I have created an overnight camp for Youth. We will empower, connect, create and cultivate our collective mental health. I’m so thrilled to launch this Retreat camp for youth!

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Not You’re Average Business Retreat V3.0

A three day Retreat meant to nourish your body mind and soul, with the purpose of offering you clear guidance in your business. Hosted at the beautiful Gaia Wellness Retreat, enjoy daily yoga practice, warm sauna, hikes and coaching by the incredible Lana Dingwall. Special guest Archery Guru Lara Guenette, and Gong baths by Martha. watch

September 2019

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