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Adults who practice yoga rave about the benefits. Imagine if those benefits that we as  adults feel started when you were a child. Would you feel and experience differently?

I believe each child is entitled to feel good, to move their bodies, to create and culminate creativity in any form they so desire. When I teach children yoga it is rooted in the experience and the intentions of traditional yoga but based on play, fun and story telling. I encourage creative thought, movement and mindfulness.

Current and Past Teaching locations:
Wakefield Elementary
Philemon Wright High School
Hadley Jr High
Ottawa Montessori
Elmdale Public School
Mothercraft Ottawa
Peggy Brewin Preschool
Heritage College
Wakefield Community Centre
Rideau Sports Centre

If you have an opportunity you would like to share please contact me 🙂


When I first began working with children, basically still a child myself, I was always questioning and learning and creating different ways to “let a child be a child”. I was fortunate to be a co-founder of a summer program in my hometown that supported children who had difficulty meeting the developmental milestones in the traditional schooling system prepare for entering or re-entering classes with their peers. Together with an amazing team of behavioral therapists, child-psychologists and speech therapists I was privately trained and guided practically on how to really and truly allow children the space to experience, learn, create and cooperate in an open forum.

When I was lucky enough to meet Catherine from Littlefeetyoga, she not only had this amazing way of understanding and connecting with children, she embodied her philosophy, she lived it. I was immediately inspired and have been so fortunate to experience and learn from her. I follow the Little feet yoga philosophy and am always learning and sharing on all levels with Catherine.

I work with educational professionals to develop a program in their schools and childcare facilities. I currently teach in the Ottawa and greater Gatineau area. If you have a school or childcare facility please and would like to consider having yoga and mindfulness in your school please contact me for more details.



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